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The Catholics for Reproductive Health (C4RH)
"Affirming our faith and asserting the people's health and rights"
"Affirming our faith and asserting the people's health and rights"
The Catholics for
Reproductive Health
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Kaagapay sa Kalinga Compassion-Mission Volunteer Program

Be Catholic
Be Informed
Be the Change!
Volunteer for C4RH

“If we want to preserve our humanity, we must make the compassionate voice of
religion and morality a vibrant and dynamic force in our polarised world.”— Karen Armstrong

Volunteers are the lifeblood of major movements for social change. The sharing of time, talents, and treasure (3Ts) are invaluable contributions to the realization of our vision of a strong fellowship of discerning and progressive Catholics.

We hope you will consider joining our cause. Be a Compassion Missionary. Be the change. Volunteer for C4RH.

Compassion Mission Teams

We invite Catholics to participate in any of the Compassion Mission Teams in whatever way they can. All abilities and contributions are welcome. Activities are varied and schedules are flexible based on the wide range of volunteer abilities and interests.

Community Awareness and Education Team

If you are interested in engaging the community folks in discussions on social issues, gender, religion, and reproductive health, this may be your team. Part of our mission is to encourage people to reflect on their situation and to rally them into collective action. Awareness-raising therefore becomes crucial as we conduct orientation workshops, facilitate conversations, moderate community meetings and planning sessions—all of which are designed to stimulate thinking on the social issues and encourage community actions.

Public Information Team

If you feel you could contribute more in getting our message across to the general public, then this team may be your cup of tea. We need to inform the our fellow masang Pilipino about how we can be good Catholics and still believe in reproductive health as a human right. You could take an active role in the development of information-education campaign (IEC) materials or in the media engagement as we explain that the progressive social teachings of the church that are rooted on the everyday lived experiences of the faithful.

Resource Mobilization Team

If you would like to participate in the important role of finding volunteers to staff our projects and linking us with sponsors to meet our goals, then you could join our Resource Mobilization team. Any additional contributions would go a long way in realizing our vision of a united and strong fellowship of Catholics living in harmony with their faith and their practice of reproductive health.

Community Outreach Team

If you would like to be part of community activities, then community outreach could be your team. The community will definitely need extra talents and able spirits in providing engaging activities for children, youth, mothers, and the elders—all of which are designed to help improve their total well-being. Check out with the C4RH Kaagapay Volunteer leaders for the schedules of community activities.

Kaagapay Volunteer Leaders

If you feel you have the dedication in guiding a team of volunteers, apply for our Kaagapay Volunteer Leadership Program. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills in becoming an effective C4RH volunteer leader and missionary for a progressive church of the people.

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The Catholics for
Reproductive Health
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